How do I sell my old vinyl records or DJ records for cash money in Ohio?

Here's where you'll find who buys vinyl records near me.

We'll reveal where to sell your vinyl records and valuable step-by-step information on how Cash for Records buys old record collections.

So,let's get started!

First call Paul at Cash For Records. He'll guide you through the process of how to sell your old vinyl records, and set up an appointment with you. We will travel throughout Ohio and adjoining states. We love to meet collectors in Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and everywhere in between.

Whether you have LP's, EP's, Singles, 33's, 45's and 78's... Whatever size or condition - Cash For Records is always interested in checking out your collection! We buy RockJazzBluesSoul and R&B records. Call Paul at 216-315-8216.

We will travel to your home, inspect your vinyl record collection and pay cash on the spot! We are local in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Quick Tip!

Paul and his family started the Cash For Records business over 20 years ago. It originally began out of love for old vinyl records. Eventually, the business prospered and people all over Cleveland started cleaning out their attics and basements, in search of thick, black records so they could trade them in for cash.

So when you are ready to part with your beloved heirlooms or just want to do some summer cleaning, Call Paul at Cash For Records at 216-315-8216. Make an appointment. If we're lucky, we can meet up the same day! It's that easy.

Cash For Records will come to you, inspect your old vinyl records and make you a Cash Offer that you can't turn down!

I have a big, old box of vinyl records in Ohio. It's too heavy to move. Can you help?

Absolutely! Although it's always great if you can have the vinyl records immediately available for us to inspect, we understand that sometimes these big old boxes are just too heavy to move. Vinyl Records from family can often be lost and forgotten. When you finally discover where your vinyl records have been hiding, they are stuck in tricky places up in the attic or down in the basement. As long as we know where those old records are hidden, we would be happy to provide assistance.

Paul and the team at Cash For Records will do the heavy lifting. You just sit back, relax and count your cash.

How can I tell what records I have? How do I know if I have LPs, 45s, 78s?

Although we primarily buy albums, 45's and 78's, we will look at other items. Not sure what you have? Just read below to find out about the different types of vinyl records.

Sell Vinyl LPs and Record Albums

LPs or Albums

Albums are referred to as LPs or 33s. LP stands for Long Play or Long Playing. The 33 is for Revolutions Per Minute or RPM. This is how many times the record spins in one full minute. Old LPs are usually 12 inches in diameter with a small hole in the center compared to other records. Just like a new release in today's industry, LP Albums are loaded with songs by the Artist or Group. Most of the time there will be a number of songs on each side of the record. Like today's albums, they will also come with artwork and pictures. These are sometimes graded & priced separately.

Sell 45 record derek martin


45s are 7-inch vinyl records that typically have one song on each side. They are much smaller than Albums or Old LPs. Also, they have a larger hold in the middle compared to LPs smaller hole. Instead of artwork or pictures, the 45s usually came with a plain paper sleeve.

Sell Beatles 78 Record

78s or Shellac Records

78s are 10-inch vinyl records. 78s are slightly larger than 45s 7-inch single vinyl records but also smaller than full 12-inch vinyl albums or LPs. They were pretty much the middle ground between LPs and and 45s. However, they were made of brittle material that uses a shellac resin. Because of the fragile material that was used to make the records, 78s were often referred to as Shellac or Shellac Records.

Sell 12inch Vinyl Record - Denise Williams

12 inch Singles

These are the same size as LPs but only had one song on each side. These records were made especially for DJs and came in a plain paper sleeve.

Sell Jazz EP record


These records were the cross between LPs and Singles. They had more songs than singles but still less than a full length LP Album. EP is short for Extended Play.

To learn more about the different types of records, visit our "What Types Of Vinyl Records Are There?" Page.

Should I clean my old, vinyl records before having them inspected, graded or given a cash money offer?

You don't need to clean your records before we inspect them. We actually recommend against because if you are unfamiliar with the proper care of records, it could end up damaging them. There are certain solutions and brushes to use when cleaning vinyl records. To learn more, take a look at our "How To Take Care Of And Store Vinyl Records" page.

We have the knowledge and expertise needed to care for your old vinyl records for years to come. We are committed to using the highest level of quality care and products when handling your records.

How much are my old records worth?

Prices are generally determined by the artist, title and condition of the record. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to say a record is in Near Mint or Very Good condition without actually seeing and inspecting the vinyl record itself. So give us a call today at 216-315-8216. Let us know what types of records you have and we can set up an appointment. Once we see your collection or various vinyl records in person, we will be able to determine a price and make a cash offer.

Where to sell my old vinyl records in Ohio?

Call Paul and our Cash For Records' team at 216-315-8216. Bring your vinyls in for an inspection or we can come to you.. We strive to make the process as convenient as possible by traveling to you to buy your old vinyl records if needed.

What should I do with vinyl records?

Old vinyl records should be well cared for and stored for the best possible outcome, if your plan is to sell them. 

Are old LPS worth anything?

There can be value in your vinyl records whether you have old LP’s, EP’s, or Singles. Old LP’s can be worth anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars. We are interested in taking a look at and buying all types of old Jazz, Rock, Blues, Soul and R&B vinyl records. You never know what treasure you may own.

Seeking The Best Place To Sell Vinyl Records Near Me in Ohio? We Have Over 20 Years of Experience! We are Ohio Vinyl Record Collectors and Buyers. 
Call Paul and our Cash For Records' team at 216-315-8216.

We are experts in the many different types of records available and we understand the proper products and techniques used in vinyl record care. We also know how records are graded and priced. But underneath it all, we are simply vinyl record lovers.

We focus mainly on Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B vinyl records but we are happy to look through other styles of music. For a complete list, please take a look at our "What We Buy" page.


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