In her own words, Sarah Robinson tells the story of how her Dad, Paul Robinson started their family business "Cash For Records" in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is Sarah.

My Dad bought his first record at a garage sale with his paper route money when he was 11 years old. He bought a KISS debut album and a Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of the Moon". My grandma promptly threw them in the garbage. But my Dad was hooked! My Dad's love and passion for records was born and grew from that moment on...

Paul and Daughter - Cash For Records

In 2001 when my sister was born my Dad started buying and selling... My sister Rachael started going with my Dad on record calls when she was 2 years old. I have been going on record calls with my Dad since I started to walk! Every day is a new adventure with my Dad when we go on record calls. We are always meeting new people and that is fun! I also see a lot of different dogs and puppies and pets... (Awesome) oh yeah... and also records.

We had started out just by handing out flyers to people on the streets and communities in the Cleveland area and putting some signs on telephone poles.

That is when our business started branching off. Our business became local, and it was a little surprising and overwhelming at first. That's when we got a helper, Cameron. My mom, sister, and I all helped my Dad as well. We all made one big family business. Soon, we became very successful and shot a commercial (I was starring!!). Our commercial began playing in our local areas.

We were swamped with a ton of calls. We still are. We have become very successful, and are planing on making it a family business for many years to come. Our family consists of My father, Paul, the owner and founder of Cash For Records, my mom, Jayme, a major helper for my Dad, my sister, Rachael, and, of course, me. We have three dogs, Willow,Jelly Bean, and Floyd as well.
Welcoming new member of our family!

Newest addition to the team, Grace...

 the four year old who loves music and people.
Who is actually new business manager and accompanies Paul on his ventures

Cash for Records - About us
Cash for Records - About Paul and daughter

If you have been cleaning out your garage or attic and found a stash of old records, then turn them into extra cash!

Call Paul at 216-315-8216

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We are also now located in the Carolinas

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